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A broader mischief

I am sorry to say that today is not convenient for revolution. I have Sadducees coming for dinner and some scribes – I did not tell them of each other – I have employed unemployed tax collectors as wait staff and women of repute  for the cabaret. Mary is livid, … Continue reading

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A messiah for the rest of us

A reflection on the coming Sunday’s gospel, John’s question, which is perennially ours; Jesus’ answer, which is ours, too While John took on kings and their consorts, Jesus consorted with the lowly and the leprous. While John baptized gods, Jesus … Continue reading

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Be patient

When our children were small and there were too many things to do with the two hands that I have, one of the children, wise and observant, noticed that often their requests were met with the same, repeated phrase. I realized this one day when they asked me, “for a drink, now please, and not in a minute.”
Be patient, beloved. Continue reading

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