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On Spiritual Communion

Even if I could not yet receive the Bread and the Wine bodily, it was important beyond measure that they were consecrated, and that others, some-bodies, shared them on my behalf and enfolded me in their mysteries. Continue reading

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The crack of the communion host like a whip, like bone, like the click of handcuffs; how far we have roamed from the upper room: warm bread softly torn, love-fuelled bodies, blood fired by passion’s wine. You come to us … Continue reading

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Wrestling and rest

Why isn’t it easier to live as a saint? Continue reading

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Sunday at Collegeville

Sunday morning, starting slowly; Abbey bells blocked by insomniac dreams. After three days of rising – psalms at dawn in the abbey church- this morning is for the tomb,  wrapped in winding sheets, the womb of sleep. But the breath … Continue reading

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At the parish where I celebrate Communion week by week, we use pita for the bread – a nice Middle Eastern connection. I tear off a small piece for each person who presents themself at the altar rail, place it … Continue reading

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Year A Proper 23: come to the feast

There have been two weddings in this church in the past ten days, and three within three months. Each was its own blend of nervousness, family friendship, family friction, love, hope, and joy. Each of them was noticeable, in the … Continue reading

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Thursday, December 22nd: Blue Christmas

Tonight, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Elyria: Blue Christmas, for when Christmas hurts. A service of healing and hope, prayer, candlelight and Communion. Come and join us to lay down the heaviness of your own heart, or to help lift the hearts of … Continue reading

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