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Mother of sleepless nights

You are the Mother of all sleepless nights. Before the light was bound over  to keep the peace till morning, you neither slumbered nor rested your eyes; before the darkness fell from sheer weary excess of hours; as long as … Continue reading

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I cannot stand straight. My body shapes itself to air that falls away beneath its drooping head and arms.  Once so solid, with you no longer there, I drift as though weightless, of no substance; I lean against the empty … Continue reading

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The prodigal God

Waiting  for the God to come home; if I saw her on the road would I run, hitching up my skirts, fire up the pyre, melt the golden calf, sacrifice my unbelief, my cold soul on the altar of her … Continue reading

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A word about music

For TrebleFest 2016, Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio; in these or other words: Singing is a profound example of how we are made in the image of God. Whether we come to it through the science of the body, the breath … Continue reading

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Birth Mother

God, whose womb broke the waters of chaos, gave birth to creation; whose breath stirred the earth, air for our words, spoken first in wonder, and want, our lungs newborn crying out of bewildered love. Prayer Writing Workshop – Diocese … Continue reading

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Mind the gap

Holy One, your creativity is infinite; our ability to respond to your expansive imagination is not. I do not think that you forget our frailty. Perhaps we forget that you have made us a little lower than the angels; another … Continue reading

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St Michael and All Angels

They were not created on the first day. They are not light, nor dark; they live in bright shadows in between. They do not rise nor set; they were not created on the fourth day. They are not reputed to … Continue reading

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Solid ground

Constant God, You are the one fixed point in a universe that never stops moving; expanding, exploding, orbiting, spinning on its axis; the very earth beneath our feet shifts and shrugs, magma boils beneath the surface, fluid. No wonder we … Continue reading

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more than watchmen for the morning

In the silence before the dawn,
in the fearful shadows that embalm
the edges of sleep, each sound
is amplified: Continue reading

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Year B Proper 13: What kind of messiah do you want?

When the people had been fed with the loaves and the fishes, they tried to capture Jesus to make him a king, but he slipped away. When they tracked him down, he confronted them, “Look! It’s not enough to want me to feed you miracles every day, loaves and fishes, manna and quail. There is more to the life of God, life with God, than the occasional miracle.” Continue reading

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