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Salt of the earth

Both of them, Isaiah and Jesus, are preaching a political message, about the end of oppression and the elevation of equality, about the mercy and justice of God, and that new world order, the kingdom of God.
You are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world. 
You are God’s gift, God’s political campaign contribution. You are God’s PAC. Continue reading

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What will we do?

We participate in one another’s futures. So we will offer our presence, our presence of mind, our best efforts to love one another in word, in deed, by statute. Continue reading

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If we give up on Nineveh, we run the risk that instead of becoming fishers of men, we become like Jonah, in need of a fishing vessel to rescue us from the deep water we get ourselves into when we turn our backs on the grace and mercy that God has for all that God has made. Continue reading

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Year B Proper 23: of camels, elephants, and us

The only way through the eye of the needle is conversion into something that will fit, something fit for the kingdom of God. Continue reading

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The doves of democracy

It sounded on my radio this morning as though the world was repeating to its leaders the lessons it learned at its mothers’ knee: Two wrongs don’t make a right. NPR reported that Angela Merkel was likely to be wary … Continue reading

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