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A fleeting vision of glory

If Epiphany is about its revealing, then Lent is about our looking for it; but we have the assurance, as we enter the search, the forty days of wilderness wandering, that it has already been found, and that God, the God of Abraham and Hagar, of Ismael, Moses, and Elijah, the God revealed to us in Jesus Christ will not let us wander alone, nor fail if we falter. Continue reading

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An untitled, unfinished poem for Transfiguration Sunday

One on the plain, with water and a dove falling from the mouth of God, feathers chalking words onto the sky, its beak a piercing kiss; one on the mountaintop between the cairns, with fiery Spirit, lightning bright and thundering love, hailing acclamation … Continue reading

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Year B: Last Sunday after the Epiphany

When I told my youngest child that my mother had died, she said, “But she was supposed to get better!” A week or so later, when I was talking to my father about talking to an old friend, he asked, … Continue reading

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