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The Innocents

From behind the page their cries muffled by millennia seep through Where, we ask, is God? There swaddled tight smuggled out into the wilderness What good, we ask, is a God who bleeds when the sword lays open a mother’s … Continue reading

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Why did this happen?

When Jesus and his disciples come across a blind man begging, the disciples ask a question that the sages have answered in various ways throughout the ages: why is there suffering in the world? Why do even the unarguably innocent – babies and children – suffer? Why do we live with these questions from birth and throughout our lives, even in the midst of joy, even in the midst of love, even with Jesus walking right next to us? Continue reading

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People want answers

What is our role, as the church, as Christians, when we are faced with the questions that arise after a disaster, asking where is God when trouble happens, and what it means when God is or is not seen to intervene? What is our line? Continue reading

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