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The summer stole project

I know, summer is technically over, and we’re into autumn around here, but I promised finished photos of the t-shirt stole, and it’s a sunny day on the north coast, so … Recycling, knitting, and by no means least liturgy … Continue reading

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An hour with the Spirit

At church, we are reading Martha Grace Reese’s book, Unbinding your Heart, part of her Unbinding the Gospel series. It includes a forty-day prayer journal to follow individually as a group (as it were), praying the exercises each day and … Continue reading

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Knitting with cats

If you are a knitter who shares a home with one or more cats, chances are, you will occasionally have found yourself tangled in a soft and sharp, pointy ball of fur, yarn, knitting needles and cat claws. And teeth. … Continue reading

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The Knitting Circle

At the foot of the cross, women nailed to the ground by grief. A short way off, more women with their knitting sticks, brows furrowed, lips pursed, though whether against death or thieves or Romans or a dropped stitch noone … Continue reading

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recycled knitting revisited (again)

For those following along, we began with plastic bag knitting  (https://rosalindhughes.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/a-plastic-story/ ), moved on to a t-shirt cat mat (https://rosalindhughes.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/more-recycled-knitting/), then a t-shirt bag, for which I promised a “proper” pattern once I’d repeated the feat. Here’s the pattern I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Plastic – A Toxic Love Story, by Susan Freinkel

Following my adventures with plastic knitting (see previous post), I was fascinated to hear of the publication of Susan Freinkel’s Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011). Freinkel’s journalistic exploration of the history and present and future … Continue reading

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A Plastic Story

Last month, some friends and collaborators presented our church with a new set of liturgical vestments: an altar cloth, a chasuble, stoles for all the clergy and more. The twist? They were all knit and crocheted out of plastic shopping bags. … Continue reading

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