Knitting with cats

If you are a knitter who shares a home with one or more cats, chances are, you will occasionally have found yourself tangled in a soft and sharp, pointy ball of fur, yarn, knitting needles and cat claws. And teeth.

Here are some suggestions to make the life of the cat-living knitter slightly easier:

If your cat is one who likes to lie on your knitting patterns, offer a decoy pattern to the cat

If your cat is one who likes to play with your yarn, try offering a decoy ball of yarn to the cat

If your cat enjoys playing with the knitting needles, try offering decoy needles. Hint: Never try to subsitute your fingers for the knitting needles. It hurts.

If your cat is still attempting to interact with the knitting you are trying to accomplish,

you may try going the extra mile, and offering an entire decoy knitter:

You can then make a cup of tea, go in the next room, put your feet up and let them get on with it.


* Cat modelling services provided by Freya’s Cat.

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1 Response to Knitting with cats

  1. Ken Ranos says:

    I think the kitty is glaring in every single picture…

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