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The call to #WearOrange

Tomorrow is the day – and Sunday, too. June 2nd is national #WearOrange day, chosen for the birthday of Hadiya Pendleton, as a mark of defiant celebration of life in the face of death and violence. Today, I am mailing … Continue reading

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Love your neighbour/Stand your ground

A reflection on three little words: Love your neighbour and three more: Stand your ground. Stand your ground: refuse to yield to the insidious isms of the age. Stand your ground: let love outweigh fear, pity dominate over prejudice, mercy … Continue reading

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Twenty-eight bells

In a few minutes, I will sound the bells at our church twenty-eight times, in memory of the people who died in Newtown, CT last week in an incident which has filled our country with grief, horror and sorrow. Over … Continue reading

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