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Palm Sunday 2020

After the psalms have died away and the palm leaves dry and brittle in the dust have crumbled underfoot; after the streets have emptied, crowds drained through doorways, their thunder spent, a stone heart whispers still, Hosanna: saviour, save us.

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Early in the morning, we would wipe our hands with grassy dew, gather field mushrooms sprung up overnight; only the wise old wives knew whether their white canopies shed spores of health, or of the other thing. Featured image: Scottish … Continue reading

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The question of Lazarus

“Tell me, mortal,
can these dry bones live?”
Lazarus, coughing and blinking
replies, or would
if breath permits, Continue reading

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Chasing clouds

Not as children naming
animals in a fluffy sky; nor yet
storm chasers, seeking secrets
funnelled from heaven to earth; more
refugees from understanding,
lost in bewilderment, following
clouds across the wilderness
desert dry-mouthed – Continue reading

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Naming the idols

Some are easy to spot, sporting colourful plumage;

they make fast promises they cannot keep. Continue reading

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Happy valentine’s day; no matter your circumstance today, you are beloved, more than words can say. In the meantime, my valentine said I could share this with you: The undertow sucks sand from underfoot, but I stand firm. Wild horses … Continue reading

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There is a lot going on in the world, in the country, in our communities and families.
Sometimes, the best antidote to overwhelm is to give in to [ahem – kittens] the overwhelming, particular, peculiar love of God. Continue reading

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