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The cathedral

Entering a slanted cathedral, pilgrim feet sheathed in tourist shoes, watching for the Spirit’s tell between the illustrated tombs; some unquiet air consecrated to the sighs of an unquiet world. If our hearts remain stone, and cold, at least, let … Continue reading

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On a mountain of modest height, rendered in verse for its appetite for irony and steadfastness, they found the man, the poets say, guarding his skeleton where it lay. The way to the summit is strewn with the rubble of … Continue reading

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Birdsong drizzles through evergreens, soaking earth with sweetness and alarm.

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On Pentecost, #WearOrange

Few languages are universal. That we have made the gun one of them is blasphemy against the Spirit who brooded over creation; ever the image of life. Would that we would bury the language of death under love, even if the mockery … Continue reading

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Ascension (when necessary)

When resurrection is not enough; when, beyond the empty tomb, mud sucks footsteps back toward hell; flash flood waters, falling, leave a ring around your soul, and the sky too close for comfort, despite miracles of incarnation, resurrection; ascension gives … Continue reading

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Prodigal prayer

Can we start over, with my head bent low and my knees bent lower, my eyes evading your pain hung high in case it engulfs my own? Can we start here, with my feet on the ground, my toes rooted … Continue reading

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I came to you out of driving need: a child’s wailing, howling hunger for bread and tenderness. You fed me loaves of love wrapped in wrinkled hands and silver Now it is my need holds me at bay: the need … Continue reading

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