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Drafting angels

Like any other, I crave the pastor’s Sunday afternoon nap. Instead, I find myself out on my bike, winding out the day and running out whatever needs to be let go so that I can sleep at night. On a … Continue reading

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The early morning dreams were the worst, when the bridge between sleep and the waking world was already open to traffic, its boundaries blurred; she’d wake uncertain if he’d really come back, dazzled and dazed by what she would do … Continue reading

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Rumours of war

I dreamed of the young ones on graduation day. They were leaving for war, assembled rank and file on the high school field, the front line singled out and sent away. We tried to reach them for a parting embrace; … Continue reading

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Trinity (in preparation for Sunday) When the children were little, and they wouldn’t listen, they wouldn’t play nicely, or tidy their toys, or eat their greens, or let go of the poor cat’s tender tail, I would say, “I’ll count … Continue reading

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Some things ascend (others do not)

The skylark, singing. Clouds; but those that reach the mountaintop fall as rain, giggling and gurgling. A swan, slow to start, duckpond runway, lifting largely, broad wings set free. Incense laden with prayers, pious particles. A child on a trampoline, … Continue reading

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Breathing room

I have expanded since she left, as though she wedged me tight, her elbow in my side, that space whence God had made my other self; restored my second lung inflates; her voice still susurrates as I exhale.

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The Mime

Living in a portable Perspex box, beauty teases on the breeze, my hand smacks hard against its borders, my lips bruised from reaching for tenderness.

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