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Easter 2019: no idle tale

When the women returned from the empty tomb, they told the men all of this, and they thought that it was just another idle tale like so many others. How could they, even after all they had seen, fail to recognize that Jesus is like no other? But, to be fair, perhaps we too often treat the resurrection like a pretty myth that changes nothing much. Continue reading

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He descended to hell

In my resurrection icons Jesus does not rise alone, but hanging on his winding cloths, his wounded feet, holding on his holy hands, a conspiracy of new creation spills from an empty tomb. Image via Monastery Icons

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Holy Saturday and the Harrowing of Hell

This is what I wrote for my Good Friday reflection in the collection put together by the Rev. Gayle Catinella on behalf of several members of clergy in the Diocese of Ohio:  O death, I will be thy plagues; O … Continue reading

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Easter Vigil Sermon: New fire and living water

New fire and living water. Extremes of existence, held together by the cross and the resurrection, like life and death. Water. Soothing, refreshing, life-giving. We play in it, luxuriate in it. Our bodies are more than half made of it. … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday: Don’t Look Back

My parents met in singing class, so when they grew up, naturally, they joined the local amateur operatic society. I was too young to go to the shows, but I do remember once being allowed to (or maybe the babysitter … Continue reading

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