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Sore wounded

First purple, then green new leaves unfurl as though winter had never been; veined and vain, they bear no marks of last year’s deer, no signs of decay. This is not the resurrection of the dead; this is a conjuring … Continue reading

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What is the meaning of this?

Resurrected, Jesus came back to his people, and he loved them out of their grief and his suffering. He remained true, in his resurrection, to the calling of his incarnation: to use his humanity for healing, his relationships for grace, his life for love. Continue reading

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Rolling stone

I like to imagine that instead of rolling the stone he turned it into bread for the birds to swarm and peck, hungry for spring time and their nests, carrying it crumb by crumb to feed their young, open-mouthed and … Continue reading

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Easter 2020: empty

The tabernacle remains void of the reserved Sacrament. Our pews remain empty of our voices. The building remains empty of alleluias.
But I was reminded this week that on that first Easter, it was the tomb that was empty. And that reminded me that before God created the heavens and the earth, all was empty and void. And see what God created out of that emptiness. And remember the new life that Jesus brought out of the empty tomb. Continue reading

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Easter 2019: no idle tale

When the women returned from the empty tomb, they told the men all of this, and they thought that it was just another idle tale like so many others. How could they, even after all they had seen, fail to recognize that Jesus is like no other? But, to be fair, perhaps we too often treat the resurrection like a pretty myth that changes nothing much. Continue reading

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Nobody talks about the ninth day:, Six for creation, seven for rest, eight for resurrection, nine The women needed to market the men were short of money, time to mend their nets and bridges Centurion ordered more crucifixions, slightly distracted … Continue reading

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Adaiah, the Easter bat

The only people who do know what happened during those long hours between Friday night and Sunday morning are those who have been to the tomb with Jesus. Continue reading

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In Jesus’ day, around one in five Jewish women bore the name of Mary, so it is not that much of a coincidence that the two women named returning to Jesus’ tomb on Easter morning share the same name. Continue reading

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Easter Vigil 2015: ready or not

Last night, I buried Jesus under the apple tree. Good Friday, and the daytime of Holy Saturday, are the only times in the Christian year in which the Eucharist, the Great Thanksgiving, is not celebrated. Instead, on Maundy Thursday at … Continue reading

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PTSD Jesus

When he was raised, he bore the marks, which must mean he remembered. Then does each adulterous kiss make him wince at its betrayal; each flash of the needle, of the knife make him flinch? Does he recoil at the … Continue reading

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