A prayer for the end of the world

Will the world end on end on Saturday?

For some, it already has. Those caught in storms of unimaginable strength & devastation. Those whose very bedrock is shaken like a jar full of beach pebbles, shattering glass, spilling blood & pain. Those gripped by the vicelike jaws of war & terror.

Will the world end on Saturday?

For some it will. For those who wake from the sleeplessness of grief to find the world transformed overnight into an alien landscape, unfamiliar & unkind.

Who will build us an ark?

Promises of rainbows are not enough, our God, to sustain us, when the waters have risen up to the neck.

I will give praise to our God, who is gracious, slow to anger, whose mercy endures forever.

Have mercy on us, our God. Speak peace to the storm; calm the mountains; settle the ocean floor. Soothe the sudden earth & let restless hearts of stone cease from creating chaos by their commotion. Make all things new.

But for those whose world is ending, in your mercy, drown with them; do not rush forward to your new creation. Do not leave us alone, at the end of the world.

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