The day before, the bones scatter on the valley floor,
helped by the clean-up vulture crew,
laid out to dry in the sun.
There is a photograph hanging of the witch of Endor,
grotesque in its details, she is all warts and wounds
and whatever the cauldron cooks up.
Lazarus lurks in the back of a cave, bound in white bandages,
like a child dressed for a Hallowe’en party,
giggly and wriggly, expecting some fun.
It is not always darkest before the dawn.
Sometimes the very night is alight
with anticipation.

About Rosalind C Hughes

Rosalind C Hughes is a priest and author living near the shores of Lake Erie. After growing up in England and Wales, and living briefly in Singapore, she is now settled in Ohio. She serves an Episcopal church just outside Cleveland. Rosalind is the author of A Family Like Mine: Biblical Stories of Love, Loss, and Longing , and Whom Shall I Fear? Urgent Questions for Christians in an Age of Violence, both from Upper Room Books. She loves the lake, misses the ocean, and is finally coming to terms with snow.
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2 Responses to Hallowe’en

  1. Sam Hubish says:

    Again very nice Rosalind. I had to lookup the Witch of Endorhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witch_of_Endor this is what I found. Fascinating.

    Thank you for your blog.

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