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What a difference a day makes

Tomorrow, Friday January 20th, will be the fifth anniversary of my swearing in as a citizen of these United States. The federal judge who administered the oath made it clear that this was, indeed, an oath of office: we were … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 13 photos.

This morning, I became a US citizen. And registered to vote. Here’s (roughly) how it happened:  

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I think (hope) that this will be my penultimate immigration-related blog entry. This past week, I had my interview and test, and got the stamp of approval recommending me for citizenship. Next month, all being well, I’ll take the oath … Continue reading

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Vote for me!

Last time I wrote about my immigration/naturalization process, I had received a lecture on skin care and the proper preservation of fingerprints for federal purposes from the nice lady downtown (https://rosalindhughes.com/2011/09/23/naturalization-process-biometrics-and-skin-care-consultation/). Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, I received a letter … Continue reading

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Naturalization process: Biometrics and skin-care consultation

This morning I had my appointment downtown to get my fingerprints “captured” and photo taken as part of my application for US citizenship. I knew from the start that this was not going to be as simple as it sounds. … Continue reading

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Resident Aliens

The second of an occasional series of posts on the experience of immigration and the journey toward naturalization The first time we passed through US Immigration, and we were directed into the line for Aliens, the children were all under … Continue reading

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Seek the good of the city

Yesterday, I sent in my application to become a US citizen, so this seemed like a good time to begin a new occasional series of reflections about the whole being-an-immigrant thing. When our children learned about immigration and immigrants in … Continue reading

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