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What a difference a day makes

Tomorrow, Friday January 20th, will be the fifth anniversary of my swearing in as a citizen of these United States. The federal judge who administered the oath made it clear that this was, indeed, an oath of office: we were … Continue reading

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The call to #WearOrange

Tomorrow is the day – and Sunday, too. June 2nd is national #WearOrange day, chosen for the birthday of Hadiya Pendleton, as a mark of defiant celebration of life in the face of death and violence. Today, I am mailing … Continue reading

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An anniversary

It is not lost on me that as I board the plane for our nation’s capital Sunday night, it will be on the first anniversary of its becoming “ours.” For me, this nation was “yours,” and I was categorized as … Continue reading

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Those of you who’ve read this blog before may remember that I became a US citizen remarkably recently – just in time, in fact, to register to vote today. Some friends who have become disillusioned by the political process are … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 13 photos.

This morning, I became a US citizen. And registered to vote. Here’s (roughly) how it happened:  

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Vote for me!

Last time I wrote about my immigration/naturalization process, I had received a lecture on skin care and the proper preservation of fingerprints for federal purposes from the nice lady downtown (https://rosalindhughes.com/2011/09/23/naturalization-process-biometrics-and-skin-care-consultation/). Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, I received a letter … Continue reading

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Seek the good of the city

Yesterday, I sent in my application to become a US citizen, so this seemed like a good time to begin a new occasional series of reflections about the whole being-an-immigrant thing. When our children learned about immigration and immigrants in … Continue reading

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