I think (hope) that this will be my penultimate immigration-related blog entry. This past week, I had my interview and test, and got the stamp of approval recommending me for citizenship. Next month, all being well, I’ll take the oath down at the federal courthouse and the deed will be done.

Downtown, I have found the folks to be – to me – unfailingly pleasant. The woman who interviewed me recognized well that serious and solemn matters do not have to be despatched in a dour or unfriendly manner. Having updated my application form to note my new employment since it was filled in, she actually laughed out loud when the first question on my random selection asked me to define freedom of religion.

Even though my process has been straightforward; even though there is nothing in my background to arouse concern; even though I have the wherewithal to deal easily with the reading, writing and civics test; still I am grateful for that levity. It is not a light thing to do, this.

Perhaps, as a child of adoption, matters of identity and belonging provoke a bit of hypersensitivity in me; but the thing has felt, while mostly efficient and quite non-threatening, and even now celebratory, nevertheless heavy. Effortful. Unexpectedly so – which may speak simply to my naivety going in.

Regardless, I am looking forward with almost unmitigated pleasure to what follows immediately upon the oath ceremony: registering, for the first time in eight years, to vote.

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