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A perfect angel

That was when the angel first realized that they might just have made a smidgen of an error, a bit of a mistake.

“Not that way,” the angel cried into the increasingly empty night. “You’re supposed to run towards Bethlehem! A baby has been born this night and, oh, what have I done?” Continue reading

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Hide stretched taut, a little frayed at the edges – homage to the fantasy of feathers – humming as the updraft plays its song of praise to the author of breath;                         you have become  an instrument of glory, the terrible call and echoing, empty response, symphony on skins full of … Continue reading

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Second thoughts

Mary did not float through her pregnancy without her swollen feet touching the ground. When Mary returned to her senses, the bread was burning, and she nearly took the skin off her hands snatching it from the fire in a … Continue reading

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