Because it’s Day 6 in the House of Darkness, and some of us require entertainment, here’s a little game I like to call “downside/upside:”

Downside: no hot water = no shower
Upside: no light to see one’s hair in the mirror by, anyway
Downside: tree fell over
Upside: firewood
Downside: inside temperature has equalized with outdoor
Upside: so it’s no real hardship to sit on the front step with the camping stove
Downside: school used up all but one of its calamity days
Upside: bonus visit to college girl
Downside: no tv
Upside: no political ads
Downside: can’t use the vacuum cleaner or iron
Upside: can’t use the vacuum cleaner or iron
Downside: no porch light on Hallowe’en
Upside: the pumpkins really pop in the dark!

Seriously, if you are in danger, sorrow, sickness or any other adversity as a result of the storm, you are in my prayers. And if you are working to restore “normality,” you have my thanks.


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