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Word and deed

Prophets, true prophets, are truth-tellers. They are not in the prophecy business for popularity. Unlike politicians, their constituency is not power brokers but the poor in spirit, the people of God who seek hope not in empires and armies but in the word of God, God’s promise to their ancestors to walk with them and not to leave them lost and alone. Continue reading

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The chasms fixed between us

A sermon on Luke 16:19-31: the parable of the rich man and Lazarus The parable describes a way of life which starkly separates the rich man from the poor, the privileged from the dispossessed. It describes how these differences and … Continue reading

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Rich blessings

An ironic title, given the gospel text? This Sunday, we hear of Lazarus and the rich man, known by some as Dives, although that may or may not be what his brothers called him. Paul warns that the love of … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 21: The rich man and Lazarus

So we have reached the finale of the season of rich man parables. You will remember that in these parables, the phrase “a rich man” is used to indicate not simply someone who has a lot of stuff, but someone … Continue reading

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