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Year C Proper 5: A Sermon for #WearOrange Sunday

A boy died in Zarephath, and his mother and Elijah cried out to God in anger at the injustice, in bitterness at the waste of life, saved by a miracle and spent so soon. Another mother’s son died in Nain, … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 5: if I make my bed in the grave

The fact that the stories we hear today, which echo one another so clearly that these two women might have been related, one the great-great grandmother of the other, a sister several times removed; the fact that these stories revolve … Continue reading

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Biblical widows and Granny Lyle

Granny Lyle was widowed in 1957. For as long as I knew her, she lived alone in a house not her own; she had never lived in her own home, going from her parents into service with the local doctor … Continue reading

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