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Character reference 

This week’s readings focus on character.  The virtues of honesty, faithfulness, and godliness are lifted up; although the “advice” of Jesus to “make friends by means of dishonest wealth” is a bit of a curveball. Those of us who grew … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 20: The parable of the dishonest manager

We all knew, in the old westerns, who the bad guys were by the colour of their hats. These days, if you go to a movie and a smooth character speaks to you in a somewhat refined British accent, you … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 20: Thick as thieves

An extract from tomorrow’s sermon: A man was incarcerated in a high security prison on the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England. Whilst there, he had fallen under the wings of one of the most notorious criminal … Continue reading

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