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Resurrection and reality

If you think that the world is so bewildering that nothing makes sense, Jesus has come so patiently to point out his hands, his feet, his broken body, his own spear-pierced heart, to tell us that he is with us, that he has redeemed all of it. Continue reading

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Year B Easter 3: joy and disbelieving

Did you ever feel as though you came in halfway through the story? I mean, that’s not always a bad thing: in film school, they teach this technique called in media res for opening sequences, meaning start in the middle … Continue reading

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Hacked into the neural network, the viral voice of the Accuser, fiat crashing in: Deny. Gliding behind the altar: Make room, sinner. The silver pieces gleam complacently. The desert dwellers hunger and my lips are dry. I watch my own … Continue reading

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Year A Easter 2: Thus and so

“But God raised him up, having freed him from death, because it was impossible for him to be held in its power.” So says Peter to the masses of the Jewish people gathered in Jerusalem in the aftermath of the … Continue reading

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For Thomas

Thought for the second Sunday of Easter: when you are doubtful, uncertain; when you stumble through grief and tears cloud your vision as they fall; be kind to yourself. Remember, Jesus came back especially for Thomas.

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The spiritual gift of doubt

Blessed are those who can live with certainty, who can bear the burden of sureness. Because in certainty there is no need for hope; sureness has no need for trust. Some of us are not so strong. We cannot live … Continue reading

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Wednesday, December 21st: Doubtless Thomas

Thomas would rather die with Jesus than let him go. Thomas would follow Jesus anywhere, if only Jesus would tell him how to get there. Thomas would not be comforted by his brothers, would not let go of his grief, … Continue reading

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