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Living stones

Have you ever wandered through an old graveyard, reading the tombstones, wondering about the stories that they tell? Most give little away. Many speak names, dates, perhaps a close relationship or two. … Stones have little space for ambiguity or nuance. They are hard-nosed, they get straight to the point. They do not give up extra flourishes easily. “Well loved” is the kind of distillation of a life they can support. Names, dates, and one salient detail to sum up the measure of a man, or a mother. Continue reading

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Year A Easter 5: In Jesus’ Name

Some years ago, a friend’s child got sick. Then she got sicker. … The child recovered, but she had not survived the experience unscathed. Neither, of course, had her parents. During that difficult time, a group of friends were discussing … Continue reading

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