A GOEs Prayer

My prayer for those (especially Jon, Adam, Lisa, Michael, Linda, Katherine, and Jennifer) taking GOEs (General OrdinationExaminations set by the General Board of Examining Chaplains of the Episcopal Church) this week:

All-knowing God,

Grant, I humbly beg you, to your servants quick and lively words, and nimble fingers. You have inspired them from their beginnings: let them remember who it is who called them, and endowed them with the wit, will and wherewithal to follow. Of your mercy, remind them to be merciful to themselves, and to treat themselves as tenderly as any other of your children. And when the day is done, let them sleep soundly, so that they may be ready to do it all again tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Through your Son, who bid them follow, and your Spirit, who moved their feet, one God altogether,


(See one previous post about GOEs here: https://rosalindhughes.com/2011/09/15/general-ordination-exams/)

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  1. Reblogged this on over the water and commented:

    Thinking especially of RoseAnne and Beth.

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