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“Do not be weary of doing what is right”

The work hasn’t changed since last week. But some of the challenges have. Continue reading

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Weary blessings

I apologize for skipping last week’s lectionary-based blessing post. I was overwhelmed by the choices – All Saints’ or Proper 27? Track 1 or Track 2? Narrative Lectionary or RCL? Actually, that last one’s a bit of red herring, because … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 28: Work and do not be weary

They are words that strike terror into the hearts of the unemployed, the underemployed, the working poor, the uninsured. They are words that form a hard and heavy stone in the stomachs of too many people, even in these enlightened … Continue reading

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Anything but straightforward

“Those who will not work will not eat:”  There are several nuances to the seemingly harsh sentence that we miss when we reduce it to a slogan. … …  there is the description of work itself. We use the word work … Continue reading

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