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Kamehameha and Emma

These two monarchs are commemorated with the same gospel as we read on Christ the King Sunday, because they modelled their reign on public service, serving as shepherds of their people, and feeding the flocks entrusted to them with justice and mercy, except, it seems, for the occasional accident. Continue reading

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Bernard Mizeki and the ultimate blasphemy

It’s back – the unforgivable sin, the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, tucked into the readings for the commemoration of Bernard Mizeki, catechist and martyr. This time, we read Luke’s contextualization of the epigram. It is interesting in its little … Continue reading

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Boniface, Missionary and Martyr

I read and hear often that the most effective way of introducing new people to the church (or vice versa) is by personal invitation to a friend, neighbour, or grocery checkout assistant. (Let’s leave aside for now the question of … Continue reading

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Science and religion

There are books and periodicals and articles and blogs and essays galore written to tell us that science and religion do not mix. More than that, that they are antithetical to one another. If you have faith, you must give … Continue reading

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