Mission Imp? Possibly

I feel as though I should be blogging about our mission week. It’s great. We have a couple of dozen awesome youth, some great adult companions, the clients whose houses and properties we’re working on are inspirational and funny and grateful and hopeful and wonderful. I am filled with inspiration and awe and laughter and gratitude and hope by them all.

But I’ve put 200 miles on my car in 2 days and now it’s time for Vestry. I flit in and out of the sites delivering ice and lost lunches, asking how people are doing and trying generally to be a helpful little imp. I’ve only swung a hammer in passing it to my daughter. I love this job. I love this mission. I love the thought that God is behind all of the work that’s going on – we are here because we know that God loves us and loves us well, and we want to learn how to do it just as well as God does.

Maybe I’ll get some time for reflection later in the week, when I step into someone else’s shoes and play with the power tools for a day or two. Somehow, I doubt it. Somehow, I think that’s ok.

Pray for us, will you, please? Mission Imp Out.


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