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If I deny the love that Christ has even for my enemies, I become like the people at the dinner table where Jesus sat, who prided themselves on being in his presence, while he only had eyes for the weeping woman at his feet. I become like the nine who were healed, who received mercy, who went on their way happy, no doubt, and whole, but who missed out on the profound and deep joy of the Samaritan who saw more clearly than any of them the depth and breadth of God’s grace, and fell on his face before Jesus in gratitude for the limitless love that he embodied. Continue reading

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The Nicene Creed for hymn singing

As promised on Sunday, here is a metrical (8787) version of The Nicene Creed, closely adapted from the translation included in the Book of Common Prayer. We believe in God Almighty, Father of Creation, who made all things in earth … Continue reading

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