Day 178: the end of Esther

From today’s Bible Challenge blog. We have been reading the Book of Esther over the weekend; one which I find disturbing for many reasons. The coincidence of this reading with the tragic murders of Friday and the conversations that have happened in its aftermath was one I couldn’t in good conscience ignore. I do not claim to offer wisdom. I do offer my prayers.

Epiphany's Bible Challenge

Esther 9-10, Psalm 145, II Corinthians 4

On Friday, I wrote about the dangerous sexism embedded into the very foundations of the story of Esther. I was shocked, saddened and ashamed to read later that same day of the misogynistic and murderous rampage that occurred that evening in Isla Vista, California. Over the weekend, I read many tweets and commentaries about tweets containing the hashtag #YesAllWomen, detailing the casual, demeaning and dangerous sexism and misogyny that women continue to face. Yes, all women.

Last night, watching television, we saw a minutes-long portrayal of lechery and casual sexism by a group of male cooking contestants (why was this relevant to a cooking show? Ratings, one assumes.). My husband, dear sweet man, turned to me and said, “I apologize for the members of my sex.” Having assured him that I do not consider him personally to be a contributor to the problem, I…

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