One of those weeks

This is the newsletter greeting I almost used for our May edition at Church of the Epiphany. Almost; I thought better of it after I realized how much of my own exhaustion I had allowed to peek through between the gaps in the paragraphs.

In the end, I went with something about the Ascension, something a little more tidy and wholeheartedly hopeful and spry. But this is what I almost used:

April 18, 2013.

It has been one of those weeks when, sitting at my desk a little over halfway through April, I know that by the beginning of May everything might have changed, anything could have happened.

 In the past two weeks we have suffered hard and unexpected losses in our parish, we have seen suffering we never thought to see in Boston, and we have been reminded yet again of all that our first responders put on the line in the course of their duty in West, Texas.

 I do not know what will be at the forefront of our minds by the time you read this in May. So much is happening so quickly.

 What I do know is this: God is with us.

 In May, we will celebrate Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit like tongues of fire upon Jesus’ disciples. They broke out of the building they were in and converted crowds standing around to the gospel, the good news that Jesus is Lord, and God is with us.

 Pentecost was not a one-off event. Every time the wind blows, the breath of God is moving through our lives, and the Holy Spirit is breathing with us, through us. Every time one person reaches out to help another in need, in distress, God’s love flows between them. Every time we come together in prayer, or pray alone, God is listening, and God is answering with the language of the Spirit, with tongues of fire, with words of passion and love.

 I do not know what May will bring us, but I know that God will be in the midst of it.

About Rosalind C Hughes

Rosalind C Hughes is a priest and author living near the shores of Lake Erie. After growing up in England and Wales, and living briefly in Singapore, she is now settled in Ohio. She serves an Episcopal church just outside Cleveland. Rosalind is the author of A Family Like Mine: Biblical Stories of Love, Loss, and Longing (Upper Room Books, 2020). She loves the lake, misses the ocean, and is finally coming to terms with snow.
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1 Response to One of those weeks

  1. heidiannie says:

    I like this. God IS with us. Even or should I say, especially in the bad times and darkest hours, God is with us. And I know this- His presence makes it all bearable and somehow vindicates the pain. I don’t believe life was meant to be easy.

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