Knitting a chasuble

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General Notes: I am not a designer, by any stretch, nor do I write knitting patterns. So, what you have here is a description of what I did to make the chasuble that we gave to Trinity Cathedral, from notes I took along the way. There are probably better ways to do it. If you work one out, please share!

To make a chasuble from these notes you should be fairly happy with adjusting patterns to your own needs and preferences. Experience, confidence and enthusiasm will go a long way!




Materials: approx 500 bags cut into 1” strips and looped together

1 pair circular needles, between 10.5 and 13


Method: The chasuble is knit in 6 sections: 2 centre bands (front and back), each with 2 “wings” knit from the centre to the wingtip at the wrist. The whole thing is then finished at the neck.


Centre band – make 2    I used clear newspaper bags to create a contrast to the rest of the garment.

  • Cast on 8 stitches.
  • Knit in stocking stitch until band measures 43” or to desired length. Cast off.


Wings – make 4 (2 off of each centre band)

  • Pick up and knit 154 sts down one side of the centre band. Work 8 more rows in St St.
  • Increase 3 sts at neck edge of next row. Work a row. Repeat these two rows 2 more times (163 sts).
  • Work 4 rows even.
  • Decrease 1 stitch at bottom edge of next row. Work a row. Repeat these two rows 5 more times (151 sts).
  • Next right side row begin decreasing 1 stitch every row. Continue until 132 stitches remain.
  • Begin decreasing 2 stitches every row. Continue until 62 remain.
  • Decrease 3 stitches at end of next 6 rows (44 stitches).
  • Cast off 11. Knit to end of row. Decrease 3 in next row. Repeat. Cast off.
  • Repeat on other side, reversing shaping.
  • Do the same for the other centre band.


Making up

  • Sew shoulder seams together.
  • For the neck, pick up stitches evenly around the neck opening, join, and cast off in the next round. You will have to experiment with the number of stitches needed to get the right tension for your neck opening. You want it to hold on the shoulders without being too tight to get over the head, bearing in mind that it will stretch with wear. Alternatively, crochet a neck border.
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