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Salt and sabbatical

But that is the theology of Thomas the Tank Engine, who longs only to hear the Fat Controller call him “a useful little engine.” It is not the theology found in the Bible nor in the Word of God, Jesus the Christ, who celebrates the meek and the helpless, the poor in spirit and the hopeless, the errant and the outcast, the ungodlike. Continue reading

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Conjuring Esther

Esther has become difficult to read. Her story makes me angry and afraid. We read it like a fairytale. But like so many fairytales, it teems with themes of horror dressed up in satin and silk. Continue reading

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Fear of God

I am a professional at proclaiming the promises of God. I make excuses not to put God to the test. Continue reading

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The great and the good

And now Jesus was stuck on the floor with a sleeping baby, his hands full, his feet with no feeling left in them, and the child’s mother had gone back to work. There was nothing for it but to continue to wait on the baby, serving it with patience and with love. … Continue reading

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Sabbatical: steady

The stewardship of attention and anxiety has come to the fore as an important dimension of the discipline of preparing for Sabbath. Continue reading

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Love, lies, and blessing

We can protect our tongues from bitterness and our souls from shame by keeping to the truth, and holding fast to the hope that Christ has set before us, and following him, step by step, word by word, in the way of the cross, the way of God’s unimaginable love, for all whom God has made in the image of the living God. Continue reading

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Holy Cross Day

A little sandpaper and stain, you would never tell the blood within the grain, but the wood knows where it’s been. Continue reading

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