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A few affirmations and denials

There is nothing missing from God’s love for you. There is no gap to mind. God loves you. Continue reading

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Living parables

he parables within which we live are those of Moses’ mother, who shares in the history of God, remembering creation, rebuilding the ark, reclaiming her son to raise and to nurse, her love subverting the powers of imperialism even in its most beautiful and seductive form, the young woman bathing by the river. Continue reading

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Listen to her

This woman’s daughter deserved the same kind of health outcomes as her counterparts within the network of Jesus’ family, tribe, race, and creed. Continue reading

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It’s not my place to say

Did I squirm? I’m sure I tried to pass it off as a settling of my old, white bones in an uncomfortable chair. Continue reading

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Praying with icons

I light a candle. I find it hard to meet your painted eyes. I say, “I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.” Looking down from your cross, unfocused, you say, “I forgive you.” But, “You have to say that; you’re Jesus,” I … Continue reading

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Standing on the side of love

A word before worship this morning. Welcome to the Church of the Epiphany. I am glad you are here. We come together for one reason, one purpose: to worship God. To give thanks for our creation, redemption, preservation, and all … Continue reading

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But deliver us from evil

On our last night there, a storm rolled in. Rolled, as in went through the motions of a steamroller. Continue reading

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Heaven on earth

Looking ahead to Sunday’s Transfiguration and the disciples’ awe-filled witness to the glory of God revealed in Christ, I have been thinking about religious experiences; extraordinary revelations of the divine. I occasionally wonder if I was “done out of” a … Continue reading

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