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Sunday morning

It’s Sunday morning. I had thought maybe of retracing my steps to my childhood church, twenty miles away; but the moment passed. I will stay in the village. In fact, I am locked in my father’s house; he may or … Continue reading

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A sermon for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, 2017 “Athenians, I see how extremely religious you are in every way. For as I went through the city and looked carefully at the objects of your worship, I found among them … Continue reading

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Crossing time

This time next week, I hope to have reached the mountaintop. Between here and there is a steep and rocky ridge. Last time I crossed Crib Goch, it was on my hands and knees. My ambition, some quarter of a … Continue reading

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He was silent for the longest time (it felt like an eternity), brooding over the dark waters as though through glass, strangely untouched by the storm, unmoved by the violence of the deep as it wrestled life to the surface, … Continue reading

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Truth, lies, and email scams

The words we use to try to remake the world in our own interest and our own image cannot replace that creative Word of God, which writes truth on the heart and directs all of life towards its loving mercy. Continue reading

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Spring cleaning

I threw away the old, stale curry leaves, the old, stale bread. I threw away the old, stale news- papers half unread. I threw away old, empty bottles, their promises unslaked. I threw away some old, empty dreams that were … Continue reading

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Gateway Jesus

The readings are for “Good Shepherd Sunday,” fourth of Easter, 2017 I have some sympathy with Jesus’ original audience, who heard him speak of sheep and shepherds, gates and gatekeepers, and wondered what he might mean. So he tries to … Continue reading

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Beyond silence

Straining to hear the voice of God over the hum of life; the drone & drum of the washing machine. Beyond the doors, a bird solicits sex; behind the brain, electric chatter & whine; the idea of silence unthinkable  since … Continue reading

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