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Forty days of fear

The most ubiquitous instruction in the Bible, we are told, is this: Do not be afraid. And yet, its counterpart is not unfamiliar, either: Fear the Lord your God. Ash Wednesday marks the first of forty days of Lent. It … Continue reading

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After William Wordsworth’s “Preface to Lyrical Ballads,” 1800 Recollected in tranquillity, passions burnt beyond their embers. Unguarded breath conjures dust devils, smoke without fire, echoes of disgrace remembered by the ashen light of dawn. Dignified in variegated gray, sifted, judiciously, … Continue reading

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The sun also rises

The love that Jesus describes is unflinching, unafraid, and it is relentless. Rebuked and reviled, love nevertheless persists. It refuses to be overcome. It will not give way to injustice. It turns the other cheek. Continue reading

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For the love of libraries

Yesterday was the commemoration of Thomas Bray, who founded scores of lending libraries and founded the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge and the Society for the Promulgation of the Gospel. The gospel reading appointed for his festival is … Continue reading

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Healing Spiritual Wounds, by Carol Howard Merritt (Book Review)

I love a good story, and Carol Howard Merritt’s book, Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God after Experiencing a Hurtful Church, is full of them. But it is not just a memoir of leaving one theological tradition for … Continue reading

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Truth, love, and justice

Jesus has some advice: tell the truth. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. Do not bluster, do not brag. Tell the truth, says our Way, our Truth, and our Life. Continue reading

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Stone on my tongue cold and bitter grit rasps my teeth sets them on edge sharp and dangerous; my heart is in my mouth. Take this heart of stone the bitter grit; feed me sweet flesh feed me sweet honeyed … Continue reading

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Salt and light

Salt is not only a matter of good taste. It is elemental. It is sacramental. Continue reading

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Without prayer my words are empty air Without silence I bellow in the wind Without praise my anger turns to bitterness Without passion my blood runs wasted cold Without humility endurance loses its endeavour Without return disquiet finds no rest … Continue reading

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