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The banquet

No sermon this Sunday, simply the observation that today’s Gospel whispered to me of those times that you have slipped into the back of the church, trying to melt into the shadows cast by the dark-wood pews, sure only of … Continue reading

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There’s a man standing in the lake  on his phone. From my seat between a mallard duck and the old tyre, I watch him, waist deep, cradling his elbow firm against the rock of the waves, watch the clouds scud … Continue reading

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God bless you and keep you

There is a moment towards the end of the Holy Eucharist service in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer where The Bishop when present, or the Priest, may bless the people. For special services – the Thanksgiving for a Child, … Continue reading

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Facing God

All that the leader of the synagogue really needed to do, was to say, “Amen.” Continue reading

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I am considering the word “overwhelmed.” I cannot unsee the news photography: cars sinking, dramatic rescues, coffins floating down streets overwhelmed by the Flood; an airbag deployed, overspilling its plastic cage, overwhelming the object of its zealous protection; she is … Continue reading

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Off centre

The hedgerow maze boxes me in, walls me out through another false turn. In the centre hides perfection, unbreakable cypher, impassive God. Out in the margins of error, the elbow crook of one more dead end, lies Jesus, sprawled as though we … Continue reading

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The cross and the lightning rod

It is not the purpose of the lightning rod to be destroyed by the storm. Continue reading

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The cicadas are praising God incessantly; while my last frayed nerve curls with the rising humidity, they sing, and play their tiny violins, an orchestra of prayer. I would join them, but my soul is having a bad hair day, refuses … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 14: faith, hope, and a promise

A promise delayed, but not deferred … You know all of those charts – we’ve all seen them – showing how much wealth is in the world, how much food, how much of God’s good plenty to go around? Enough … Continue reading

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I do not know what will grow, whether the markets will bustle with plenty, or if the barometer’s fall will pressure them into silence ahead of the storm; I know that this morning a child said her father’s name for the first time, and … Continue reading

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