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Year C Proper 11: echoes of eternity

Vanity, all is vanity: A brief reflection on the lawn. Ludwig van Beethoven was, for the latter portion of his life, profoundly deaf. A musician to his core, he could so easily have fallen into cynicism and despair (and often … Continue reading

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She’s leaving home

My eldest child left home this week. It was a lot less dramatic than you might think. Just as the act of birthing her was fraught with all of the emotion under the sun, but revolved in the moment around … Continue reading

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Ruined – a memoir by Ruth Everhart: Review

Let’s get the disclaimers out of the way first: yes, I have met the author. We are both members of an online group of (mostly) female clergy-types called the RevGalBlogPals. We both contributed to a book edited by the RevGals … Continue reading

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At last week’s Summer Music Camp, we learned all about David the songwriter (the one from the Bible, as we had constantly to disambiguate). We learned to sing Psalm 23 in childlike form. We listened to Kiri te Kanawa singing … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 12: Teach us to pray

Jesus gave a couple of different words of advice to his disciples about prayer. In one, he tells his disciples to lock themselves behind closed doors in secret, to pray privately to God, and there is a place for that … Continue reading

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About prayer

Father, Mother, source of life, all being; your very name fills us with awe. We long to know you, ruler of all; unelected, you elect us to do your will, here, now, forever. You who nursed creation as it grew, … Continue reading

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Martha & Mary

There is so much to be done: the sweeping of the streets, the hanging of bags full of plasma, saline, the careful placement of Kleenex. There are so many distractions: tanks and trucks, bullets and bombs, the cleaning of windows … Continue reading

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