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Year C Proper 4: un/worthy

There is a wideness in God’s mercy that covers the ends of the earth and beyond. The conveners of this lectionary clearly put these stories together to demonstrate to the listening church the breadth of God’s embrace, the wideness of … Continue reading

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The Stone Mason

Only the mason knows the secret flaw carved into the setting of precious stones and metal, glorious, reflecting sunlight and the king’s delight, having built God a home, domesticated the Wild One, his prize. Inspired by the whorl and swirl … Continue reading

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Reasons to #WearOrange: Devaluation

A confession: when we are discussing the pros and cons of an apartment to rent, our family has come to use a rather disrespectful shorthand for one particular criterion. How “killy” the street or block has become the self-defining descriptor of … Continue reading

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Trinity 2016: Delight

Wisdom calls out – the wisdom of God; we may know her as the Holy Spirit. When she is spoken aloud, she becomes the Word. The Word was in the beginning, the yet unspoken, ever articulate Wisdom of God. Only … Continue reading

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Mother of sleepless nights

You are the Mother of all sleepless nights. Before the light was bound over  to keep the peace till morning, you neither slumbered nor rested your eyes; before the darkness fell from sheer weary excess of hours; as long as … Continue reading

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Slab-flat vowels like a block of dough slapped down on the kneading board; sibilant aromas of spice and fruit from afar off mingle with crisp consonants. Syllables roll like oranges through the early morning marketplace; polyphonic strangers drawn by the … Continue reading

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Making an orange stole

I’ve had a request for a pattern and/or instructions for making orange stoles for Gun Violence Prevention Sunday – June 5th 2016. The national #WearOrange day is June 2nd, 2016, and when my friend, the Rev. C. Eric Funston posted … Continue reading

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