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Year C Epiphany 4: bread and stones

It is a curious thing that so many of the people whom Jesus meets want very quickly to kill him. He has only just begun his ministry, after the baptism in the River Jordan; after the forty days of desert … Continue reading

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Birth Mother

God, whose womb broke the waters of chaos, gave birth to creation; whose breath stirred the earth, air for our words, spoken first in wonder, and want, our lungs newborn crying out of bewildered love. Prayer Writing Workshop – Diocese … Continue reading

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Disappointment and other stories

I am on a plane flying up the east coast of Britain. Soon, we will make a left turn over Scotland into the Atlantic (more precisely, I hope, over the Atlantic) to New Jersey. By way of the frozen north, … Continue reading

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Aging gracelessly

Young men walk like ducks any more (she thinks), sprawling from side to side, feet splayed wide, taking space that should, by rights, be mine; she hears herself, shrill in her own mind’s ear. A softer woman would see (she … Continue reading

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If you are looking for a reasoned response to the week’s news out of the Anglican Primates’ “gathering,” I would point you towards my colleagues at the Episcopal Cafe, our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, and my own Diocesan Bishop, Mark … Continue reading

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Driven to distraction

Riding shotgun in my mother’s car. It is early morning, rush hour. No one knows which way to go; our hold on the road is tenuous, seeking gaps between predatory traffic. Medications everywhere; bottles, sachets, paper patient info leaflets sprawl … Continue reading

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Year C Epiphany 1: Come, Holy Spirit

The Gospels take a lot of short cuts through the life of Jesus. Whether they begin at his baptism, as does Mark, when he is already fully grown and ready to set out into the wilderness of temptation, and the … Continue reading

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A very brief Epiphany homily

There is a huge risk that God takes, to be born, made incarnate, made flesh, not only in secret, the flesh and blood of an insignificant country couple who barely know where he came from. It is a huge risk, … Continue reading

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Year C Christmas 2: he was twelve

Some of you know that shortly before Christmas we suffered a minor break-in here at the church. I came into the office the day before Christmas Eve to find that someone had entered the building by force, and had left … Continue reading

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