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Lazarus, unbound

Feeling the ground with his hands, touching the soil with his feet, kissing the earth, Lazarus, unbound, raises his face to see his friends retreat – in fear they have let him go –  stares at Jesus with eyes too … Continue reading

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Louisville Seminary

sun striking chapel bells call to morning prayer unanswerable

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Security alert

Count seconds between eruptions; dog howl fear strikes: cell phone lightning storm.

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Year B Proper 25: What do you want?

“What do you want me to do for you?” When I heard Jesus asking this of Bartimaeus, I was struck by the coincidence that two Sundays in a row we have heard basically the same question. “What is it that … Continue reading

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Middle age

Three, even two years ago, my shoulder didn’t burn, my hip didn’t pop, my knee didn’t stab me in the back halfway round the supermarket. Since the spring, we have been on cooler terms, tending to the necessities with icy politeness, my body and I, feigning … Continue reading

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Year B Proper 24: glory

We live our little lives full face in the glory of God, whether we recognize it or not. Continue reading

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[Sometimes, the search for a sermon feels like a game of free association – chasing words down rabbit holes and across parklands, trying to track down an idea, the spirit of an idea, and bottle it. This week’s wild goose … Continue reading

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