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“a soft tongue can break bones” – Proverbs 25:15b

with all the tenderness of a tiger’s tongue, flaying soul from skin, rasping marrow until, gasping, you surrender all truth; you would give your eye-teeth for such love.

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A miracle is, by definition, unlikely to happen. When our daughter was ten, I lost her in the woods. She was ten, and actively honing her skills in defiance, contrariness, and flouncing. It was our first visit after moving away, … Continue reading

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Year B Proper 12: Breaking bread

“All things come of thee, and of thine own have we given thee,” many of us grew up intoning at every Offertory presentation. We are familiar with the concept that all that we have is of God, and that there … Continue reading

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Empty churches

Mary, the mother church, eking out milk to last the week; Monday morning, spent, she rests convalescent, quiet A void of another kind, Shakespeare’s tomb hastily built into Babel; who sees the stranger seeking sanctuary from its old iron face? St … Continue reading

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Family entertainment

“Off with his head!” cried the Queen of Hearts. It had all begun much earlier, with a powerless princess, pawn pushed about in a dizzying dance by the Queen and her King; the Bishop turned slantwise away, his excited disapproval … Continue reading

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three little girls, pink suits and brown bodies, shrieking false fear under the sprinkler while hoses play over the flames, prayers rising like hot steam

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