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Matthew and the measles

Matthew’s dad had the afternoon off work, so he did some Christmas shopping before heading over to the nursery school to pick up his young son. Excited about his purchases, he showed my mother the sweater he had picked out … Continue reading

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Love song

Love slips in under cover of night, stealing between the dreams of dragons and shining armour, adjusting the light, a lingering note humming on the edge of hearing as you wake and put your hand to your heart, as you … Continue reading

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Year B Epiphany 3: repent and return

When I was a child, I was one of those daydreamers who could get lost in a world of my own. If I were reading a book, I might surface from it to find my mother standing in front of … Continue reading

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For tomorrow’s sermon: a little story about repentance

Once upon a time, I was a little girl, and that little girl had the attention span of a sphinx. I would get seriously, eternally lost in books, daydreams, and the stories and songs which soundtracked my inner mind. Fire, … Continue reading

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ecclesiastes 3: when?

When is the time for war, o God of peace? When is the time to laugh, Man of Sorrows? When is the time to die, immortal One? When is the time to speak, o silent One? When is the time … Continue reading

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Year B Epiphany 2: “the breaking of bread and in the prayers”

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve talked some about our Baptismal covenant, and as Epiphany continues, I want to dig a little deeper into those promises that we have made, and remade, and renewed. The first seems ideal for … Continue reading

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Hatred slips, hypodermic, under your skin, while love needles through your veins to tattoo its name on your heart. It blusters in where angels fear to tread: “All’s fair to a soul at war,” it says. Love demurs, “That’s not how … Continue reading

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The Baptism of Our Lord: profession and practice

Let this be quite clear to us: the killing of innocents anywhere is not a religious act, not by the definition shared by Christians, Muslims, Jews; not by anyone who understands religion as the pursuit of God, the seeking out … Continue reading

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Hearing Voices

“And it was,” he said, “as though the heavens opened, I swear to God; the clouds at that very moment split apart like the Red Sea rising, and the sun striking through, fell warm and heavy on my back; no, … Continue reading

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Epiphany: wise gifts

I wonder whether, in the clumsy and hurried packing of a small family with a small child, fleeing for their lives with the essentials and little more, listening over their shoulders for the alarm, the tramp of boots, the metallic … Continue reading

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