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For the love of God

Audio from this morning’s sermon

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Year A Proper 25: For the love of God

This post has been updated to reflect the version preached at the Church of the Epiphany, Euclid, Ohio, October 26th. Which commandment is the greatest? they asked. It is not, in fact, a difficult question. How else can you even … Continue reading

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Year A Proper 24: the stewardship sermon

The question about taxes, and rendering unto Caesar, led into a sermon with time for pew-talk. The outline / framework went something like this: Jesus does a really nice politician’s job of handing the question back to the Pharisees and … Continue reading

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Love you to death

Flashback: That week, everyone spoke in sympathetic soft, tilted voices. In a grim comedy, I parrotted their corporate condolences, squawking them directly into my father’s hearing aid. The funeral director was trying coyly to explain the need for a high-necked … Continue reading

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A silhouette against my eyelids, black on red; a name beaten out by my heart’s tattoo; the claim that staked me through and through; I render unto, surrender unto – whose image and title is this?

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Year A Proper 23: come to the feast

There have been two weddings in this church in the past ten days, and three within three months. Each was its own blend of nervousness, family friendship, family friction, love, hope, and joy. Each of them was noticeable, in the … Continue reading

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full or smashed empty, spilt or splinted, say that I am; or you are not

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The wedding robe

White lace cut down to a christening robe. Later, a doll with curly blonde hair wore my mother’s leftover wedding weeds, a moulded Miss Haversham preserved in plastic, dressed for the feast, rosebud lips perpetually parted for love.

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Year A Proper 22: parables and other stories

There is a kind of through the looking glass feel to this parable. If you think of the classic fairy tale structure, where a king sends three messengers on a quest to redeem his belongings, in this case the wine … Continue reading

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Four weddings and a funeral

Over the past few months, I have heard and read more times than I can remember the sentiment of my clergy colleagues who “would rather do ten funerals than a wedding.”* With two in a row the next two Saturdays, … Continue reading

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