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Morning Prayer

On the days when the sun does not rise, when the chill will not dissipate from the night air, words fall anechoic from our lips to the carpeted abyss. Let our tears be our salt- seasoned offerings, burning water our … Continue reading

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Year A Proper 15: send her away

Matthew 15:21-28: the Syrophoenician/Canaanite/canine woman. Some problems for the preacher. What’s in a name? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You old dog. Sly old dog. Dirty old dog. Dogged. Hot dog. Dog eat dog. Why keep a … Continue reading

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My daughter’s t-shirt

When we went to the National Cathedral a couple of years ago, my youngest daughter bought a t-shirt with Robin Williams’ “Top 10 reasons for being an Episcopalian.” Yesterday, he died, apparently of suicide. My husband hates reading statistics or … Continue reading

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Year A Proper 14: baby steps / beyond the boat

Jesus immediately reached out his hand and caught Peter. Have you ever seen a young child learning to walk for the first time? It spends a long time standing still, holding onto the furniture, until it is sure that its … Continue reading

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Episcopalian haiku

Vespers Sunset on steeple. Shadows lengthen; silence falls Still, fire burns inside

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Early in the darkening dawn, shadows weighting their sight, waiting for the sun to rise on the Light of the World, blind their vision with magnesium-bulb brightness, harmonic resonance of lightning arcing between earth and heaven.

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Ye of little faith

It feels less like walking on water than drowning in mid-air; the perfume of your presence is too heady to bear. I make myself thin to slip from your embrace; breathe once more the comfortable air of an ordinary, little faith.

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