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Dislocated daydreams: salt spray from a city street; unkept promises.

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Year A Epiphany 3: walking in the light

There was a fascinating piece on yesterday’s NPR program, Weekend Edition, about a man named Pedro Reyes who is working on a huge collection of guns.[1] In fact, he has access to thousands in the city of Culiacan, Mexico, where … Continue reading

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Failing Grace

The dark wood, its grain barely illuminated by the stained-glass shafts, invites introspection, the fear of failing, flailing: “Wait! I am not ready,” but it consumed me anyway, half-baked.

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A reflection for a community celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr

Delivered at Lakeshore Christian Church, Sunday 19 January 2014 Last spring, when word got out about the women who had escaped from a cruel kidnapping, about the decade that they had spent imprisoned in an ordinary little house in an … Continue reading

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Year A Epiphany 2: the Lamb

It seems oddly fitting that we are dedicating altar bells to the accompaniment of the Gospel reading of John announcing the arrival of the Lamb of God. Actually, there have been a couple of coincidences with the choosing and dedicating … Continue reading

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A Gethsemane prayer

For once, just for once you tried to lay your burdens, those acquired from crowds and children, a collection of tax collectors, sinners and scribes along the way – for once, just for once you tried to lay them on … Continue reading

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The Baptism of Our Lord

Today’s sermon began with yesterday’s story about Noah’s dove… Is this what Jesus meant, when he told his cousin John that he must be baptized to fulfill all righteousness: that he would have to go back to the beginning, when … Continue reading

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The dove

Back in the days of Noah, the heavens were opened and it rained for forty days and nights, and there was a flood. As you may remember, Noah and his family survived the deluge aboard an ark, onto which they … Continue reading

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In the bleak midwinter

I would like, if it will, for time to freeze, stand still so that breath becomes redundant, superfluous steam in the empty air. The beauty of the snow falls on a bleak, not a meek heart, burning with cold fire … Continue reading

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Day 36: remaining

Originally posted on Epiphany's Bible Challenge:
Exodus 40; Psalm 30; Mark 3 “Whenever the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle, the Israelites would set out on each stage of their journey; but if the cloud was not taken…

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