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Drafting angels

Like any other, I crave the pastor’s Sunday afternoon nap. Instead, I find myself out on my bike, winding out the day and running out whatever needs to be let go so that I can sleep at night. On a … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 21: The rich man and Lazarus

So we have reached the finale of the season of rich man parables. You will remember that in these parables, the phrase “a rich man” is used to indicate not simply someone who has a lot of stuff, but someone … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 20: The parable of the dishonest manager

We all knew, in the old westerns, who the bad guys were by the colour of their hats. These days, if you go to a movie and a smooth character speaks to you in a somewhat refined British accent, you … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 20: Thick as thieves

An extract from tomorrow’s sermon: A man was incarcerated in a high security prison on the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England. Whilst there, he had fallen under the wings of one of the most notorious criminal … Continue reading

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Guns kill people

Guns are not choosy. Guns just kill people. It’s their modus operandi. It’s what they do. We are hearing more, bit by bit, about the latest victims of the latest shooting rampage. Each detail chips a little more flint from … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 19: God’s unrelenting love

Does anyone think that the scribes and the Pharisees might be just a little bit jealous? For the past few weeks of story, Jesus has been at their house, eating at their tables, messing with their seating arrangements and telling … Continue reading

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Lost in the department store

Frantic, fleeting moments in the old department store, for each passing second a hundred possibilities; few of them good. Disembodied voices broadcast fear across the floors: “Have you seen this child? Wearing a blue coat with a hood.” Elevators, escalators, … Continue reading

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