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In bodily form

When our bodies betray us, let us down, we berate them, hesitate to call them holy, when, after all, they are the sacrament of God’s creative genius, each featherlight touch a reminder of the love that engendered our creation, redemption, … Continue reading

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Telling stories: extracts from a sermon on Jesus in the Temple, aged twelve

I have a weakness, I confess, for all things biblical, especially stories, especially imaginative retellings of biblical stories, or poetry, or words, words, words … I am drawn like a moth to a flame to a new fictionalized gospel account, … Continue reading

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Epiphany: A lightbulb moment. A parish church. A cake, a tradition. People going down to a snowy river in Russia to renew their baptismal promises in the freezing waters. The other Christmas. Magi, wise men, kings; gold, frankincense, myrrh; Herod … Continue reading

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The brightness beckoning, reckoning light years away, in the beginning, there was a star which now calls them from afar to follow, stumbling in the daytime, in the forests, fog-filled valleys, rallying with breathless joy on the mountaintop where all … Continue reading

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A GOEs prayer, reblogged

Originally posted on over the water:
My prayer for those (especially Jon, Adam, Lisa, Michael, Linda, Katherine, and Jennifer) taking GOEs (General OrdinationExaminations set by the General Board of Examining Chaplains of the Episcopal Church) this week: All-knowing God, Grant, I…

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The naming of cats, children, and wonderful counsellors

Recently a parishioner handed me a list she had come across of fifty names for Jesus given to him in scripture – fifty shades of great, perhaps? There were some wonderful titles, but I don’t think that in the whole … Continue reading

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