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small mercies

A cooler of water on a hot day. Pizza for lunch. Arms to go around when tears flow. A small, round washer. Dry days. Shelter in a storm. Rollercoasters and swag. Food and friends, loaves and fishes. Electric saws. Bandaids … Continue reading

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Year B Proper 12 – Mission Elyria

A homily for the Saturday Eucharist at the end of Mission Week Elyria Tomorrow, our mission youth will give the sermon at Sunday’s service. They will talk about the loaves and the fishes, about making do with what they had … Continue reading

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Life and laundry

You know how sometimes life seems to just stack up like laundry? Like the kind of laundry that gets washed and dried and folded and set aside until the pile grows so high that it’s too heavy to move, or … Continue reading

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Cliff song

From this morning’s Psalm: I waited patiently upon the Lord. He stooped to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the desolate pit, out of the mire and clay; he set my feet upon a high cliff … Continue reading

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Do you remember when we tried to work out how old you were by counting the years? They refused to add up to the number you had in your head. The one in the hospital when you asked for clothing … Continue reading

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Mission Imp? Possibly

I feel as though I should be blogging about our mission week. It’s great. We have a couple of dozen awesome youth, some great adult companions, the clients whose houses and properties we’re working on are inspirational and funny and … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene

A Book of Hours dedicated to Mary Magdalene compiled as part of a bygone seminary project! Introduction It is impossible to reconstruct from the few, brief references that we have in our scriptures, a biography or character of Mary Magdalene. … Continue reading

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Today, my friend is burying his father, who died on Sunday, the sixth anniversary of my own mother’s death. On Sunday, I lit a candle for my mother at the back of the church, and a young parishioner came to … Continue reading

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A dark night

Around three this morning, I heard my daughter come up the stairs, and I rolled over and went back to sleep. Later this morning I read the news from across the country of those who did not come home from … Continue reading

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The wellness gospel

Last week, driving a bunch of overtired teens back from a rollercoaster day (literally; they were at Cedar Point), my car flashed me a warning light. Well-trained in the vagaries of overworked technology, I ignored it until it went away. … Continue reading

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